Allison Theveny


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Allison is a writer of character-driven, occasionally surreal dramedy that’s eager to laugh at the darkness of the human condition and never afraid to make you cry. In addition to an interest in characters, particularly women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, who spurn intimacy and vulnerability, she also seeks to explore the relationship between fear, shame, and power without ever forgetting to make her audience laugh and gasp along the way.


Allison graduated with her MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University in June of 2021. While in the program, Allison has placed in the BlueCat Screenplay Competition, the Screencraft Horror Screenplay Competition, the Screencraft Stage Play Competition, the Final Draft Big Break Competition, and the Screencraft Fellowship Competition. She has interned for Full Spectrum Features, FilmNation Entertainment, Amasia Entertainment, and screenwriter and playwright Sarah Gubbins. She currently works for Coverfly as a Script Analyst and tutors local middle and high schoolers in literature and writing.


Prior to moving to the Midwest, Allison graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University, spent a year studying law at the University of Pennsylvania, assisted in the publication of Alan Greenspan and Adrian Wooldridge’s economic history Capitalism in America, and worked in development at the Folger Shakespeare Library. Upon finally finding

the courage to pursue her secret ambition professionally, Allison realized she needed to find new hobbies that don’t somehow relate back to storytelling (so far, she has failed, but is open to any and all suggestions).